Hi, I'm Shealynn Choy! I am the owner and the eye behind the camera of S.C.apturing the Moment Photography. 

I was born and raised in Stony Plain Alberta.

I am the happiest on the back of a horse, capturing gorgeous moments to be frozen in time and hanging out with my friends. I love meeting all the horses and making new friends with them. Even more than that I love meeting the owners and riders of these gorgeous creatures and getting the opportunity to capture their stories and the connection they share. 

If you haven't already guessed I am an equestrian, a showjumper to be more specific. I started riding when I was just 7 years old after begging and begging my parents to let me start riding. After I got on a horse there was no looking back. I have been riding since, taking a year here and there off when there were other things going on in life.

I have had many opportunities in my riding career to sit on some amazing horses that have taught me soo much. Making me a better rider each and every time. Some of them left the biggest impression on my heart possible, never to be forgotten. I often think about them and how it was to ride them. However, there aren't as many images to remember my time with them as I wish there were.  

I started taking pictures when I was just a little girl. I would ask to take my mom’s Canon rebel to take pictures. We would make an annual trip to go watch the Spruce Meadows Masters every year as a mother-daughter date. My love for photography just grew from there. 

I haven't been able to put the camera down since. I decided that I was going to make a career out of this. Pouring my blood sweat tears and a lot of money into something some people called a hobby.  After finishing high school I knew that it was a must to attend NAIT ( Northern Alberta Institute of Technologies) completing their 2-year intensive course. I am invested in my business but more importantly in creating memories.

I believe because I have been around horses for most of my life I feel it gives an edge to my photography. I take images I know I would want to buy and then some. During my earlier years, I wish I had more images of the horses I had such great bonds with and what we had accomplished together. I know that most equestrians feel the same way about our horses although you may try to be most will agree they aren't a photographer. 

Cell phone pictures and videos are never going to do your best friend and partner as much justice as they deserve. More importantly, you aren’t in them for the most part showing only one side of the partnership. They might capture the beauty of your best friend but not of the irreplaceable bond that you share. Having images of our best memories with a partner is truly priceless I wish I had more from my time with each of my horses. I would love nothing more than the opportunity to capture those moments for you, so you have more than just selfies and blurry photos of your partner, athlete, confidant, and friend.